Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Html Tags

Hi guys!! this tutorial am going to be talking about Html tags..As told in the previous tutorial Html is a Makeup Language which makes use of tags....These tags that am discussing are enclosed in angle braces eg <Tag Name>..Most of the tags in Html has a corresponding closing tags except for few tags that does not...

For example <html> has a corresponding closing tag </html> and <head> has a corresponding closing tag too </head>.....Am gonna give a brief explanation of the basic html tags in this tutorial....Html Tags will be discussed in details in another tutorial

<!DOCTYPE>  : This tag defines the type of the document and also the HTML version

<html>   :   This tag covers the complete HTML document and is mostly composed of the <head>..</head> and <body>...</body>.

<head>  :  This tag represents the document's header and contains mostly the <title>...</title> and <link>....</link>...Tho the head also contains varieties of other HTML tags which will be discussed in a different tutorial...

<title>  :  This tag covers the title of the page and it is contained in the head

<body>  : The body represents the body of the HTML document and contains other tags like <P>, <h4>; <div>, <nav> etc.

<h5>  : This represents a heading...

<p>  :  This represents a paragragh...

Am hoping with this you have a basic knowledge of html tags......They will all be treated in details in other tutorialz to come....GOODLUCK!!


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